E - Z TEST for ECSTASY & other PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS. In our shops today.


The chemical name of XTC is pronounced as 3,4 -Methylene Dioxy Methyl Amphetamine or MDMA. When a dose of MDMA is swallowed, it is digested in the stomach and enters the bloodstream. Part of this reaches the brain where it releases, among others, serotonine and dopamine. These so-called neurotransmitters control your mood and this effect will last between 4 and 6 hours. When a person takes a lot of MDMA in a short period of time, the effects will diminish rapidly, due to lowered serotonine-levels in the brain. The side-effects of MDMA are: raised body temperature, dry mouth, loss of appetite, nausea, teeth-clenching and dehydration. The use of MDMA is not without risks and can be harmful for people who have (had) a liver or heart insufficiency, pregnant women, when taken in combination with medicine, MAO-inhibitors and alcohol (de-hydration).


Most phenethyiamine-type drugs are illegal substances. Any violation of the law can be prosecuted and punished.


The E-Z test of ecstasy and other psychedelic drugs gives you an opportunity to test pills and capsules for the existence of ecstasy-like substances. The E-Z reagent reacts to a number of substances, which all give a specific reaction both in color and reaction time. By using the color-scheme and the timetable you should be able to make an assumption about the contents of your pill. The scheme shows some reactions to substances often found in 'XTC' pills.

The package contains a test tube, a cup with E-Z test fluid, a pipette and a folder.


Make sure you can observe the reaction in a bright light. Do the test on a white dish or in the test-tube white background, Scrape a little of the substance (a the size of a pin-head) from the pill and put it in the tube or on the dish. Open the cup with the fluid carefully. Transfer the liquid with the pipette and gently drop it on the substance. Observe carefully and compare with the colors on the back of the folder. After use, rinse with a lot of water.

T h e T e s t colors


This product is meant for entertainment purposes only. The use of this product happens at your own risk; it can only give an indication of the substance in a pill. Therefore, a 100% guarantee cannot be assured. No rights and claims can be derived from the use of this product. The producer is not liable for damages or accidents as a result of this test. or accidents as a result of this test.

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